Virtuose, il est l’un des grands balafonistes du monde, Il s’initie au jazz avec le musicien Georges Makinto et crée son propre balafon diatonique. Son expérience en matière de jazz lui donne l’opportunité de se produire et de se faire connaître avec succès en Afrique, en Europe, aux États-Unis et en Asie. Il sera au Cameroun avec son trio.



Born in 1968 in Cameroon, he now lives with his family in Uster near Zurich (CH). As drummer and improviser, he plays in various bands including «Steamboat Switzerland», He composes and generates concepts for his own band: Lucas Niggli ZOOM and BIG ZOOM, also in a Duo with Xu Fengxia and the Drum Duo with Peter Conradin Zumthor or BEAT BAG BOHEMIA (Drum Quartet). He plays regularly in a Worldmusic-Trio with the Balafon Master Aly Keïta



Born 1969 in Cameroon, bass clarinet, kontrabass clarinet, saxophone, electronics, Jan Galega brönnimann works as a freelance musician(saxophones, bass- and contrabassclarinet and electronics) and composer. he has been on the scene for years and is known for his innovative and cutting edge collaborations.